Serving Stoney Creek Community for Over 60 Years

At Battlefield Chiropractic & Physiotherapy, helping our community is what matters most to us. On our foundation in 1957, we became the first chiropractic office ever opened in Stoney Creek. We have spent the past six decades working hard to earn the trust and respect of our clients from throughout the community. Our current owner, David Prosia, B.Sc., DC, has been running the facility since 1999, and he has made sure that our commitment to caring service has never wavered.

Our Team


David Prosia, B.Sc., DC

Taking over Battlefield Chiropractic & Physiotherapy, Dr. Dave had big shoes to fill. His passion for helping people is obvious in his approach to treatment, often saying, “If I won the lottery I would still do this every day.” Dr. Dave works daily to create a welcoming environment that simplifies treatment and produces incredible results, while still having fun. Unlike a sterile clinic, Dr. Dave welcomes you into his home, offers his support, and calls you a friend.

Registered Massage Therapists


Marc Losier

Known for his strong hands, Marc has a movie star-like following, because he really gets in there and fixes the deep muscle aches. Skilled in ART Marc works alongside Dr. Dave to create custom treatment plans, with patients happily taking the punishment for the relief.

Maureen Perryman 

Maureen’s profound understanding of how diet influences our moods and health will give you a unique perspective during treatment. Maureen believes in treating each patient as a whole; here, you are not defined by your pain. Skilled at targeting acute pain, Maureen’s goal is to transform you into your ideal self.